Pegasus Mail v4.21c, Network Configuration.

Hi to all,
I am a newbee.
The message below I had posted to the Pegasus Forum which for inexplicable 
reasons can not access anymore??!! (The website is just not responding).

My technical skills are fairly limited and require your kind assistance in 
enabling the automatic receipt of e-mail messages and the forward/send 
e-mail message function.

System Information:-
Platform: OS Microsoft Win32 XPPro Version 5.12600 SP2 Build 2600
Processor: x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~2400Mhz, Pentium4
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00, Total Physical Memory 512MB
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 and Hotfix (KB886903)
Outlook Express v6.

I successfuly downloaded/installed  Pegasus Mail v4.21c for Windows, 32-bit 
for Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP   and also downloaded a suitable (incoming mail) 
sound from newemail.wav .

I configured the network as follows:
General: myusername@csloxinfo.com    (please note: myusername is not really 
my user name)
Receiving (POP3): pop.csloxinfo.com
Sending (SMTP): mail.csloxinfo.com  (checked - 'send any mail in the queue 
during idle checks)
Dialling: radio button - 'No explicit dialling support'

I sent a test message from my Hotmail e-mail service to 
myusrename@csloxinfo.com  (Outlook Express was closed and Pegasus Mail was 
'open') and waited approximately 5 minutes hoping to see the Pegasus' wings 
flapping and to hear the acustic notification for incoming e-mail messages.
Well, this did not happen.
I then right-clicked the Pegasus icon in the service tray and clicked New 
mail information but the 'New Mail' window indicated "No new mail".
I then opened the Pegasus Mail window and clicked 'Check your POP3 host for 
new mail. This action worked and my e-mail message from my Hotmail e-mail 
service was received.

Then I tried to forward/send the received message back to to my Hotmail 
servi and clicked on to 'Both check and send mail in one operation' button 
or 'Send all queued mail' button.
This action did not work either.

A message popped up titled:
"SMTP Network or Protocol Error sending mail"
An error has occurred during an SMTP mail transaction.............etc.etc.
Host Name: pop.csloxinfo.com
Name of STMP profile: mail.csloxinfo.com
Description of error:
Handshake error: the server has either shut down the connection 
unexpectedly, or has returned a response Pegasus Mail cannot recognize.
Trace showing end of trnsaction:
[*]Connection established to

I found the following information in CS LOXINFO Pocket Guide to Internet:
Domain Name Server Address (DNS), Server assigned name server address or

I also found Name Server = in my Registry 
Editor, which belongs to my ISP.

Could you please assist me to receive and send e-mail messages using Pegasus 

I sincerely hope that you can assist me in making Pegasus Mail working 

Thank you in advance for your attention and kind assistance.

9/10/2005 4:39:41 AM
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