Any *good* printer drivers for HP Photosmart 7550 Photo printer? #2

I'm not picky,...really!  All I want is a printer driver that will
allow me to print up a standard 8.5"x11" page with 3, 5, however many
pictures at one shot.  I have to print one picture, put it back into
the paper tray, and hope that in the next few attempts I won't print
over another picture.  There should at least be software that will
provide the option to show the last few prints where they were on the

SOFTWARE PROGRAMERS...here's an overlooked opportunity to make
money...this is definitely needed.  Type in the preferred size of a
picture and how many of that picture you want printed.  Select 3, 8, or
however many different pictures you want printed.  When your batch is
complete, press PRINT.  Walk away.  Come back to find all 32 (or
whatever) pictures printed in the way the computer has chosen as the
most efficient use of space...!  Need to trim an 1/8" off a pic to make
it fit?  The software will give you the option to change the size if
needed and by how much (measurement and/or percentage reduction.  Tell
me-does that exhist?  

Thanks for looking into this stuff for me.

1/16/2005 12:09:09 PM
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