[Video Card] ATI Radeon X1600 Pro AGP problems

I'm having a bit of difficulty with the video out.  I am able to get it to
work so I can watch movies on my PC and output the video to my TV.  The
difficulty I am having is that when I reboot my PC, my settings are lost and
I have to go back in to the control center to configure everything properly
again.  These are the steps I have to take every time:

* Display Properties -> Settings Tab -> Display 2 -> Check the "Extend my
Windows desktop onto this monitor"
* Apply

If that doesn't work such that the background image of my desktop is showing
in my TV then I have to continue and do the following:

* Open control center
* Select basic mode (only because it's easy to quickly make the small
modification I need)
* Select "Setup my display configuration" -> Go
* Under "Choose Second Display", click the "Standard TV" radio button ->
* Ensure "Extended Desktop" radio button is checked.  -> Next
* Ensure respective resolutions are correct.  -> Next
* Identify to make sure all is working.  -> Finish

I have to do this every time I want to watch video on my TV after I reboot.
How can I make it so the settings stick?  My PC configuration is as follows

WinXP Pro SP 2
AMD Athlon 2100+
EPoX 8RDA+ motherboard
1GB of RAM
Radeon Drivers up to date using the most recent available on the website.
Control Center, too.

I'm also experiencing another problem I'm hoping you guys can help me with.
I have a LG 19"  L1932TQ monitor hooked up to the video card using the DVI
cable.  Actually, I'm not sure the cable matters because this happens even
if I have it connected via the analog cable.  It also happens when I have a
different monitor hooked up and so is why I believe the issue to be with the
video card.

Whenever I switch windows from a graphics heavy program (typically a game)
or after I close down the game, it takes several seconds for me to get
control back.  Any background video going on (for example, if I have a
browser running in the background with some sort of advertisement on it),
mouse cursor movement etc is frozen for a few seconds before everything
starts moving again.  Prior to the X1600 Pro, I had a Radeon 9600 installed
and that worked fine for the most part.  It just wasn't keeping up with some
of the newer games and is why I upgraded.  I've tried uninstalling and
reinstalling the drivers but nothing seems to help.  Does anyone know what
might be going on and what I might be able to do to fix it?


8/1/2006 9:43:37 AM
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