problem related to backward compatibility of usb 2.0 -> usb 1.1?


I've recently bought an external harddrive (Q - tec). It's great
stuff. The hdd combines lot's of storage space and small dimensions
with adequate speed because it runs on usb 2.0. Just plug it in and do
whatever you feel like doing.  Needless to say, I've grown attached to
it.  Then bad things started to happen.  One night, my PC got fragged
(cooked MCU on motherboard). As a result, I was forced to use my dad's
computer in order to finish my work for school.  It didn't have any
usb 2.0 slots, so I had to make due with usb 1.1.
I plugged it in, started Windows Explorer.  The PC recognised the hdd
and displayed the directory structure. All went well, untill I tried
to access one of the files... Nothing happened!  Same thing with all
of the files and directories.

Can anyone shed some light on this matter or help me out?  I'd surely
appreciate any input.


10/19/2003 11:29:51 AM
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