SQL Error: pqReadData() -- read() failed: errno=0 No error

I am a Postgres novice.  I have not done anything in the way of configuring
the DB differently from what the defaults are.

 Here is my problem...
     I am sending the source text from web pages to the DB (7.3.2) through a
dataset in Delphi.  The field in the DB table is of the type "text", and the
fieldtype in Delphi shows ftMemo (a Blob type).  When I "ApplyUpdates" from
my application I get the "SQL Error: pqReadData() --  read() failed: errno=0
No error"  message.

 Now, this is only happening when the length of the text that I am
to update to the DB is large.  On smaller text string sizes (ie. simple Web
Pages), I get no error and everything posts fine.

 Is there some sort of setting that needs to be set for large "text" strings
on the DB, or is it likely to be an issue with the dataset - ApplyUpdates
procedure inside Delphi?

Is there a way to increase the buffer for incoming  requests?  Will this


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9/8/2003 3:30:14 PM
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