C.8.16.1 Image Type and Frame Type vs C. Derived Pixel Contrast

There is a small inconsistency in between =A7C.8.16.1 Image Type and Frame =
Type and =A7C. Derived Pixel Contrast:

Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) shall consist of four non=
-zero length values.


Value 4 of Image Type (0008,0008) and Value 4 of Frame Type (0008,9007) sha=
ll not be zero length unless the SOP Class UID is "1.2.840.10008.
2.2" or "1.2.840.10008." or "1.2.840.10008." (L=
egacy Converted).
12/8/2015 9:32:25 AM
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Thanks Mathieu

I will put in a CP about this.


On Tuesday, December 8, 2015 at 4:32:29 AM UTC-5, Mathieu Malaterre wrote:
> There is a small inconsistency in between =A7C.8.16.1 Image Type and Fram=
e Type and =A7C. Derived Pixel Contrast:
> [...]
> Image Type (0008,0008) and Frame Type (0008,9007) shall consist of four n=
on-zero length values.
> [...]
> while
> [...]
> Value 4 of Image Type (0008,0008) and Value 4 of Frame Type (0008,9007) s=
hall not be zero length unless the SOP Class UID is "1.2.840.10008.
1.2.2" or "1.2.840.10008." or "1.2.840.10008." =
(Legacy Converted).
> [...]

12/8/2015 12:25:41 PM

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