Re: kerberos - Kadmin does not work #2

 Sorry, my pc changed 'kadmin' to 'admin' and I did not notice it.
> --- Original message ---
> Subject: Re: kerberos - Kadmin does not work
> From: Jeremy Hunt <jeremyh@optimation.com.au>
> To: <kerberos@mit.edu>
> Date: Thursday, 05/03/2015  8:03 AM
> Hi Arun,
> You should also answer Mauricio's question, but did you know
> kadmin.local should only be run on the KDCs, and should only really be
> run on the Master KDC.
> If you want to connect to the Master KDC from a client or a Replica
> KDC, then you should run the 'admin' program.
should be 'kadmin' program :)
> So when you say you installed kerberos on a PC, did you install it as
> a client system, a replica KDC or as the Master KDC ? If it is not as
> the Master KDC, then admin.local will not work.
> Kind Regards,
> Jeremy Hunt
>> --- Original message ---
>> Subject: kerberos - Kadmin does not work
>> From: arun elango <arunelango89@gmail.com>
>> To: <kerberos@mit.edu>
>> Date: Thursday, 05/03/2015  7:15 AM
>> Hi All,
>> I would like to work with Kerberos in Windows. I have installed MIT
>> Kerberos and found it to work fine. However *kadmin* , 'kadmin.local'
>> does
>> not work. I searched for the solution but couldn't find one. Please
>> advice.
>> Regards.
>> AK
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>>>Kerberos fits in best as an AuthN system. It can very easily tie into LDAP which can support your AuthZ needs. This is true within a single enterprise. LDAP support for authorization becomes more difficult once you are talking about federation between different organizations. It requires you to expose your directory server outside your internal firewall and for partner site(s) to have intimate knowledge of your directory schema. In the web authentication world SAML was developed to ease some of these some of these burdens by defining a language to share attributes more easily...

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Thanks for the response. Please see inline... > In Solaris 10, all of the Kerberos services are already bundled, > there is no longer any external packages that need to be added. Right. > Whoever told you 'ksu' was part of the encryption kit was mistaken, > ksu has never been part of SEAM. OK, thanks for that clarification. It was a bit of a surprise to me when I was told it was there. So, does the Solaris 10 SEAM have any functionality similar to ksu, or just the standard su command? > The encryption kit for Solaris 10 enhances the overall crypto > capabilities ...

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Matthew, Currently Windows NT, 2k and XP. We are currently porting to Linux and MacOSX. The server component is being ported to support : Windows/Apache 1.3 and 2.0 Linux/Apache 1.3 and 2.0 Solaris/Apache 1.3 and 2.0 We are interested to discuss requirements for other platforms/browsers if you have any. Thanks, Tim. -----Original Message----- From: Matthew Smith [mailto:matt@forsetti.com] Sent: 01 August 2003 19:18 To: Tim Alsop Cc: kerberos@mit.edu Subject: Re: apache & Kerberos Tim- What OS support is available for the local proxy? -Matt Tim Alsop wrote: > Andreas, > ...

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