RE: MIT Kerberos and Solaris 10 Kerberos #5

> > Can we force the Sol10 box to only use DES, to be 
> compatible with the
> > Sol8/MIT systems (which is everything but the one Sol10 box)?
> If you are using MIT Kerberos on the Solaris 8 systems (including
> pam_krb5 made for MIT, not the one that comes with SEAM), then
> you should not worry about the enctypes because MIT already
> supports all of the enctypes that S10 supports.
> The only time you need to worry about enctypes is when you
> are using pre-S10 systems with SEAM apps.  IN that situation,
> ONLY the pre-solaris 10 systems need to have the DES keys,
> it is perfectly acceptable for the S10 systems to have AES
> and S8/S9 to have DES.   This should not affect interop if
> your keytabs are correctly populated on the pre-S10 boxes.

Excellent, thanks. That makes life significantly easier.

> earlier comments,
> > they already are DES; is that correct?
> > 
> Not necessarily.    If your S8 systems are MIT, then you don't
> really need to worry much about the enctype support because
> MIT has support for all enctypes (DES through AES-256).

Right, as per your comments above. :-)

> If you use a 3rd party pam_krb5 library that links with MIT
> Kerberos, then you should not have any enctype issues on
> Solaris 8.

We aren't using any Sol8 SEAM (all MIT, except for the new Sol10 box),
using the MIT libs.

> You may be seeing problems on your S8 systems because
> you have a mixture of MIT Kerberos apps (with full enctype
> support) and S8/SEAM Kerberos apps (which only support DES).

We're only having problems talking to the Sol10 box (and back). I
suspect your other comments about the service being the issue. The only
"odd" box is a Linux critter, but since it uses the MIT distro as well,
I suspect that issue will get resolved at the same time.


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