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I think that there is little disagreement over this. Discussions on
parameters and algorithms probably belong more in hackers rather
than here but it doesn't matter a great deal. We recommend that
people put the suggested changes in bugzilla so there's one place
to go and it's easy to find, but all such issues need to go to
you so you can review them and decide on the best course of
action. Not all fixes that people recommend can be used under
all circumstances so they always need careful review.

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> Harlan,
> We do indeed seriously disagree. Parameter and algorithmic refinement 
> and optimization is very definitely not a bug issue. There are
> different  technical skills, interests and engineering principles
> involved.  However, if as the result of such activity, what code
> changes that might  be required might well take the form of a bug
> submission.
> Dave

6/9/2005 9:42:24 PM
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