Development tool covers all Power PC

Comsol are pleased to announce that they can now provide development support
and Flash Programming tool for all the Power PC variants currently
available.  With the recent release of versions that support the 85xx
PowerQUICC III the list is....

          MPC7400/7410, MPC744x, MPC745x
          MPC82xx, MGT5100, MPC5200
          PPC4xx, Xilinx Virtex-II Pro

As soon as engineering samples are available for new variants they too will
be supported.

One hardware unit can be used with all variants and switching between the
different members requires just a quick firmware change and a different
cable. This means that your development tool will not be obsolete when you
start your next project.

Support is provided for the Gnu Debugger including Flash programming and
development of code running from flash. It is also available for use with
many other popular software development environments.

An Ethernet interface makes it extra fast with download speed of up to

Flash programming packages and a C API are available for production use
where its high speed is particularly valued.

For more details reply to Sales@computer-solutions.co.uk or visit our web
site          http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk/chipdev/ppc.htm

Keep the site book marked as in the "Information Zone" we have published a
number of free services to Embedded Engineers -

     1) Micro-Search - our searchable database of 650 + chip specs from
          33 different 8051 manufacturers

     2) Support Tools Directory - shows the development tools available
          for over 100 microprocessor families

     3) The Embedded Web - 330 + links to useful sites from Chip
          Manufacturers to software algorithms

Our aim is to make it the premier site for Embedded Engineers

Regards, Chris

Chris Stephens                                       E-mail:
Computer Solutions Ltd.                        Phone: +44 (0)1 932 829 460
1a New Haw Road,                                  Fax: +44 (0)1 932 840 603
Addlestone, Surrey,
KT15 2BZ      England

For the largest range of embedded microprocessor development tools

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