Electronic publishers or traditional?

Ask these questions to make sure they're right for you:

1 - How much will it cost to turn your manuscript into a published

2 - What is the minimum number of books you have to purchase, and what
does each book cost you?

3 - How much input do you have in the final design, layout, and cover
of your book?

4 - How much input do you have on the content? Will it be edited to a
point where even YOU don't recognize it?

5 - How will your book be bound an will it include an EAN barcode?
(Retailers typically won't stock books that are not perfect bound and
lack an EAN).

6 - Who determines your retail price? How much is it?

7 - Who determines your wholesale price? How much is it?

8 - Who determines how much money you make from each book?

9 - Do you have the ability to revise your book after publication? If
so, how much does that cost?

10 - Do you retain all the rights to your book?

Next week's Gem is entitled Benefits of Custom Publishing

If you missed last week's tip about publishing secrets, click here:


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