Live with this ASIO man

Assalam u�Alekum,
Okay as I mentioned earlier, I was asked wether I want this 95 teacher 
to be killed and told everyone no, lets forgive and move on, After 
removing my brain using spoon, and giving me bio weapons, and damaging 
my reputation this man did not stop, he actually started working with 
his Jewish brothers, after all they were the ones who were pushing him. 
He sent in Rugheya (Aysun Ilhan) a Jewish Musad agent installed to take 
my children by Jews to get my sperms, upon failure he told my guardians 
I need to live in a better place if I live in a garage I will be killed.

So they sent in a ASIO worker they wanted me to live with him, I didn�t. 
Later it was discovered that if I had lived with that guy, he would have 
taken my sperms after giving me drugs for a while and he would have 
killed me and no one have ever found out about it.

Yes that is right ASIO does this all the time, those who are talented 
and too strong to give up, are trapped using situation and then they are 
given drugs or injections to temporarily disable their mind, to take the 
sperms on the target person using a few ASIO workers. In any case, 95 
teacher and all others who helped him without questioning what is going 
on, will be prosecuted like Mahmud Kurchu, Abu Omar and Cebrail Bulut 
like people, good days(for inhuman and wicked) are over.
I am not telling you a lie, I think ASIO is welcome to come forward and 
tell what they think. But I think if there is any difference between you 
and Jews then you should show it, if you rape, kill, torture and lie 
about things like them then in my eyes other than few good men there is 
no difference. And I think you better work on your issues before someone 
else has to expose them or work on them, it will hurt you lesser.

May God end the days of those who are corrput, wicked and inhuman. May 
God give us all the ability to desire justice for others as we do for 
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