New Embedded TCP/IP support

Support has recently been announced for a range of new protocols for the
embedded TCP/IP stacks available from COMSOL

EBS Full function TCP/IP stack

EBSnet 802.11 driver supports wireless networks on embedded CPUs. It uses
the same API as their Ethernet drivers so developers can test their device
and application in the lab and later use the same code for their wireless

RT-SMB - allows embedded devices to share files and printers with Windows
PCs over LAN and WAN.

RT-SNTP - provides for time synchronisation of embedded devices.

PPPoE - If your application is set up for PPP then this option allows you to
use the same calls to operate over Ethernet - one application two delivery

CMX MicroNet now supports 8, 16 and 32 bit

CMX MicroNet now supports an enhanced range of processors from 8051s thru
16 bit micros to ARMs and with its <16K footprint is ideal for single chip

802.11 Driver now available for MicroNet

If you would like more details of any of these products
E-mail: sales@computer-solutions.co.uk or our
Web site: http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk

For an introduction to TCP/IP for those interested in using it in embedded
applications go to  http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk/download/index.htm

Visit our web site http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk - keep it book marked
as in the "Information Zone" we have published a number of free services to
Embedded Engineers -

          1) Micro-Search - our searchable database of 650 + chip specs from
                    33 different 8051 manufacturers

          2) Support Tools Directory - shows the development tools available
                    for over 100 microprocessor families

          3) The Embedded Web - 330 + links to useful sites from Chip
                   Manufacturers to software algorithms

Our aim is to make it the premier site for Embedded Engineers


Chris Stephens                     E-mail: sales@computer-solutions.co.uk

Computer Solutions Ltd.     Phone: +44 (0)1 932 829 460

1a New Haw Road,                Fax: +44 (0)1 932 840 603

Addlestone, Surrey,              http://www.computer-solutions.co.uk

KT15 2BZ


For the largest range of embedded microprocessor development tools

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