The 2010 POETRY SUPER HIGHWAY Poetry Contest


this years contest is sponsored by:

   Ain't Got No Press, Colin Galbraith, Corey Mesler, Delika Creations,
   Don Kingfisher Campbell, Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House, Ellaraine
   Lockie, Full Of Crow Press And Distribution, Jerry Garcia, Jim D.
   Babwe, LB Sedlacek, Linda Leedy Schneider, Lori Romero, Lovely
   Trinkets, Magnapoets, Marie Lecrivain, Mike Scheidemann (Voices; The
   Israel English Poetry Assoc., Moonrise Press, Poet Caldwell Lee,
   R. S. Carlson, Ranfurly Review, Rattle Magazine, Rolland Vasin,
   RoyAnthonyShabla.com, Unlikely 2.0, WinningWriters.com

   It's our thirteenth annual Poetry Contest featuring cash prizes and
   26 sponsors who've donated over 70 additional prizes. �Last year we
   were able to send every contest entrant a prize for participating
   and with even more prizes on this year's roster, we're hoping to do
   the same.

Read below for all the Entry Guidelines, The Complete Prize List, The
Judges, and the 2009 Contest Calendar


   ~ The Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest Is Open to all human beings
   ��on planet Earth. (except for the three judges)

   ~ Enter as many poems as you like.

   ~ Please include all entered poems in a single e-mail
   ��(not separate e-mails for each poem entered.)

   ~ Poems may be of any style, length, or subject matter.

   ~ This contest is separate from weekly Poet of the Week consideration
   ��Submissions for Poet of the week consideration must be separate
   ��from Contest Submissions and the same poems may not be submitted
   ��for both.

   ~ There is a One Dollar Per Poem entry fee.

   ~ Poems are sent to the three contest judges with your name removed.
     The judges score each poem from 0-5 using quarter point intervals.
     (0, .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 1.5, etc...)

   ~ Poems are sent to judges only after you fill out the Contest Entry
     Form and we have received your payment.



   Guidelines on how and where to email poems will be
   displayed once you submit the contest entry form.

   Guidelines on how and where to submit your $1 per poem entry
   fee will be displayed once you submit the contest entry form.

   Click here to go to the entry form:

   �____________________ DEADLINES ETCETERA ____________________

   ~ Deadline for postmarking entry fees or submitting the entry fee
   ��via PayPal is Saturday, October2, 2010.

   ~ Regardless of when you postmark, your entry fees must be received
   ��by Friday, October8, so if you're mailing your entry fee, please
   ��account for the amount of time it will take for your it to travel
   ��between your home and Los Angeles.

   ~ This is a not for profit contest. All of the collected entry fees
   ��will be divided between the authors of the top three scoring poems.

   ~ Once your entry fee is received, your poems will be sent with your
   ��name removed to the three judges who will score them 0 - 5
   ��(5 being best).

   ~ Your poems will not be forwarded to the judges until your entry fee
   ��is received.

   ~ If you have any questions or need any of the contest details
   ��clarified, please e-mail Contest@PoetrySuperHighway.com


   ~ First Prize: 50% of the entry fees collected* plus winning poem
   ��featured on the PSH

   ~ Second Prize: 30% of the entry fees collected* plus winning poem
   ��featured on the PSH.

   ~ Third Prize: 20% of the entry fees collected* plus winning poem
   ��featured on the PSH.

   Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to supplement
   the cash prizes with an impressive array of prizes which would be of
   interest to poets and writers.

   The following prizes will be used to bolster first through third
   prize as well as distributed to other contest entrants.

   Our goal is to be able to send every single person who enters the
   contest something.

   If you're interested in becoming a sponsor to this years contest in
   exchange for promotional consideration, please visit the sponsor
   information page at http://PoetrySuperHighway.com/pshcospo.html

   Additional Prizes:

     Ain't Got No Press
   1 copy of the book "We Put Things In Our Mouths" by Rick Lupert
   Colin Galbraith
   1 copy of the chapbook �Fringe Fantastic� by Colin Galbraith
   Corey Mesler
   1 signed copy of the novel "Following Richard Brautigan" by Corey 
   Delika Creations
   1 11� x 14� acrylic painting
   1 5� x 7� acrylic painting
   Don Kingfisher Campbell
   2 copies of the book �Amongst The Detritus: Selected Poems April '07 
- March '10� by Don Kingfisher Campbell
   Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House
   2 copies of the book �A Song Beneath Silence� by Apryl Skies
   2 copies of the book "Running On Fumes" by Alicia Winski
   Ellaraine Lockie
   1 copy of the chapbook �Love in the Time of Electrons� by Ellaraine 
   1 copy of the chapbook �Stroking David's Leg� by Ellaraine Lockie
   1 copy of the chapbook Red for the Funeral� by Ellaraine Lockie
   Full Of Crow Press And Distribution
   1 one-year subscription to the quarterly print magazine �Blink Ink� 
(5 issues total)
   Jerry Garcia
   3 original prints of a California Scene photographed by Jerry Garcia
   Jim D. Babwe
   2 CD copies of the multimedia chapbook �52010� by Jim D. Babwe
   LB Sedlacek
   1 copy of the chapbook "Alexandra's Wreck" by LB Sedlacek
   1 copy of the chapbook "Red Headed Eskimos" by LB Sedlacek
   1 copy of the CD "Early Nothing & Other Poems" by LB Sedlacek
   Linda Leedy Schneider
   2 copies of the book �Mentor's Bouquet: A Poetry Anthology� edited by 
Linda Leedy Schneider
   1 one-year subscription to the bi-annual print journal �Magnapoets�
   1 copy of Magnapoets Anthology series 1, �One Hundred Droplets� 
edited by Aurora Antonovic
   1 copy of Magnapoets Anthology series 2, �While The Light Holds� 
edited by Aurora Antonovic
   Marie Lecrivain
   1 copy of the book "Antebellum Messiah" by Marie Lecrivain
   Mike Scheidemann (Voices; The Israel English Poetry Assoc.)
   1 copy of the book �Another Song for Another Eden� by Mike 
   1 copy of The 2010 Voices Poetry Anthology
   Moonrise Press
   1 copy of the poetry book "Miriam's Iris" by Maja Trochimczyk
   1 copy of the poetry book "Rose Always" by Maja Trochimczyk
   1 copy of the poetry anthology "Chopin with Cherries" edited by Maja 
   Lori Romero
   1 copy of the book �The Emptiness That Makes Other Things Possible�
   Lovely Trinekts
   10 $6 dollar gift certificates to the Lovely Trinkets website
   Poet Caldwell Lee
   2 copies of the book �Holidays, Loves, Heroes� by Caldwell Lee
   2 copies of the book �Holidays, Loves, Heroes� by Caldwell Lee
   Ranfurly Review
   One feature interview in the Ranfurly Review showcasing a selection 
of the winner's poetry
   Rattle Magazine
   2 copies of the Rattle Conversations anthology
   2 one-year subscriptions to Rattle
   Rolland Vasin
   $500 added to the prize money divided by the top 3 scoring poets
   1 copy of the book �Eating God� by Roy Anthony Shabla
   1 copy of the book �(PEACE) WORDS� by Roy Anthony Shabla
   1 copy of the chapbook �Revolution Rapture� by Zero One (Adult)
   Included with each donation, peace graffiti and a small miscellaneous 
   R. S. Carlson
   2 copies of the book "Waiting To Say Amen" by R. S. Carlson
   Unlikely 2.0
   6 copies of the book "When You Come Again, You Will Never Go" by 
Andreas Morgner
   2 copies of the book "Carney Takedown" by Lawrence Welsh
   2 copies of the book "I Can Sing Fire" by Anne Lombardo Ardolino
   2 copies of the book "Blue Rooms, Black Holes, White Lights" by 
Belinda Subraman
   1 one-year subscription to Poetry Contest Insider


Brenda Levy Tate (Nova Scotia, Canada)

   Brenda Levy Tate lives in southwest Nova Scotia just up the road from
   the Tusket Falls power dam. Because she especially loves her camera,
   motley assortment of books and unwieldy fossil collection, Brenda's
   house is slowly collapsing under boxes and shelves crammed with
   photos, flea-market hardcovers and rocks. Her work has appeared in
   numerous print publications and anthologies, most recently Lilith and
   Postcards from Eve (Fortunate Childe Publications, 2009 & 2010
   respectively). She is a current Pushcart nominee for one of the poems
   included in Lilith. She is also a contributor to online journals,
   including Soundzine (June 2009) and Contemporary American Voices
   (August 2009 & June 2010) and was a featured poet with Triggerfish
   Critical Review (December 2009). Her books include Cleansing (Rising
   Tide 2003) and the chapbook Beeline (Lopside Press 2007). Brenda may
   also be heard reading her poetry and singing on YouTube under the
   username Silharima. In her former life, she taught senior high school
   in Yarmouth, NS.

Jim Knowles (Andover, Massachusetts)

   Jim Knowles is a poet, engineer, and artist from Andover, Mass. His
   work has appeared places like Mipoesias Best of Cafe Cafe, From East
   to West, Durable Goods, and "The Ranfury Review". He was a finalist
   in the 2008 Poetry Superhighway Contest, first in the 2009 PSH
   Contest, and won honorable mention (2nd) in the 2010 Inkwell Poetry
   Competition. He likes to explore as a reader, and to be surprised.

Sian Lindsey (County Donegal, Ireland)

   Sian Lindsey is a poet who recently retired from the US Air Force and
   is now in the final course of her MFA in Creative Writing. She has
   three children (two grown and a nine-year-old at home), two cats, and
   a husband who deploys to Afghanistan every other year. In those years
   Sian and her youngest son spend their time at home in County Donegal,
   Ireland, where life is beautiful, slow, and happy. In the intervening
   years she is captive in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she remains
   a slave to the air conditioner between April and October. Sian finds
   inspiration for her poetry in the wild green of Ireland, in the
   separation from her husband every other year, and in the constant
   chaos of moving from place to place, trying to bring and keep her
   family together. She is 44 years old and loves gadgets, technology,
   travelling, reading, writing, and being outdoors (when it's 70F or


   July 15: Contest begins

   July 19 - 25: Judges featured as Poets of the Week

   July 25, 2:00 pm (pacific): PSH Live Judges Event: Live broadcast
   where Judges will have the chance to read poems and discuss the
   contest and you can call in live and ask them questions. Click here
   for more info.

   October 2: Final deadline for contest entries. (Entry fees must be
   received by PayPal or postmarked by October 2 or they'll be returned.)

   October 9: Judges deadline for returning scored poems.

   October 14: Second round scoring deadline (in the event of tied

   October 17: 2pm (pacific) PSH Live Event: "Winners Announced" in a
   special broadcast. Listen to it live and if any of the winners happen
   to be listening, they'll be invited to call in and read their winning
   entries live on the air..

   October 18 - 24: Contest Winners featured as Poets of the Week.

Good luck to everyone!

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