Coded sentences

A codebook in classical crypto is a mapping from a chosen number of 
normal or nonsense words to the corresponding intended words or even 
phrases and sentences. Wouldn't a generalization of that idea, namely a 
mapping from certain types of sentences to the corresponding intended 
phrases or sentences be much more versatile and useful in practice for 
purposes of steganographical transmission of secret messages? I mean 
e.g. a rather mundane sentence expressing the fact that some friends 
came to visit us and we have together done something and that they'll 
further travel to somewhere could be written in a quite large number of 
different ways textually via varying the names of the visitors and what 
we have jointly done etc. as well as via varying the grammatical 
constructions of the sentence.

M. K. Shen
4/7/2016 8:40:40 PM
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A practical possibility of application of the scheme could IMHO be e.g.
the following: A representative of a firm in a negotiation with the
customer under competition of rival firms needs to ask his chief
certain questions about modifications of the offer of the firm and get
instructions from him. The diverse conceivable scenarios could be
examined in advance, resulting in a limited set of possible critical
messages that would need to be exchanged in the corresponding
situations steganographically. This could mean some substantial work
but justifiable if the benefits obtainable are correspondingly high.

We note that in some countries the use of encryption involves the risk
that the law enforcement may under circumstances demand delivery of the
encrypton keys, which would not only lead to the revelation of the
content of the messages but also to a proof of authenticity of the
messages. This could be undesirable in the above example in cases e.g.
the messages contain stuffs that, if disclosed, could eventually
negatively influence the relationship between the firm and the customer
not only at the present time but also in the future.

M. K. Shen
4/13/2016 1:01:01 AM