[ace-bugs] Re: [ace-users] RE: HPUX11.00 defines token 'undo' as __undo in sys/sem.h

Hi Lance,

>> It seems I failed to express myself clearly. Here I go again. :-)
>> I understand the need for the ACE_OS::last_error() function. What I don't
>> understand is the reason for its particular windows implementation.
>> Specifically, why does it favour returning errno, rather than
>> GetLastError()?

As I said earlier, the intent was to replace the direct use of errno
in the ACE code, particularly for the ACE C++ socket wrapper facades.
These wrapper facades typically check errno since that is common
across both Windows and UNIX for socket operations.  Only if errno is
0 is the value of GetLastError() returned.  If we *hadn't* done this,
then there would have been all sorts of special-case code in the ACE
wrapper facades.

>> In my experience, on Windows GetLastError is sometimes much
>> more specific about the problem that occurred. 

I agree, which is why you need to be careful when using
ACE_OS::last_error(), which has a very specific purpose that I
described above.

Take care,

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7/7/2004 5:27:07 AM
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