[ace-users] ACE/TAO/CIAO/DAnCE x.1.0 minor release available for download

Hi all,

Once again, thanks to the efforts of many developers, testers, and
users, we are pleased to announce the minor release
of ACE 6.1.0, TAO 2.1.0, CIAO 1.1.0, and DAnCE 1.1.0, which is available
from the usual download location at:


under the heading "Latest Release" and "Latest Micro Release Kit".

The doxygen documentation for this release is also available.  In
addition to the packages combined of sources and generate makefiles,
this release provides source-only packages for developers who use MPC to
generate their own makefiles.

We encourage you to download the new release, use it with your
applications, and let us know if you encounter any problems. Please use the:


so that we have the proper version/platform/compiler/options you're
using to report problems. We also request that you take a look at:


for the status of various ongoing projects at the DOC group of
Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO+DAnCE forward.  Overviews of our recent
progress and upcoming plans are available at:


The overall success rates for the test results gathered from all our daily
builds is 97% for the ACE tests and 96% for the TAO, CIAO, and DAnCE tests.

Please see:


for a summary of these tests.  As always, we appreciate your help in
resolving any remaining problems. Please see:


for an overview of our bug fixing policies.  Moreover, please see:


for information commercial support services available from various

The following is a list of key changes since the last major release.
Please refer to the corresponding ChangeLog files, NEWS files, or
Bugzilla entries for more details on the problem and the nature of fixes

Changes to ACE

.. Added compilation support for VxWorks 6.9, no runtime
   testing has been performed

.. Added ACE Run-length encoding compressor

.. Fixed several Coverity reported issues

Changes to TAO

.. Added new rle compressor and enabled ZIOP by default

.. Implimented DynValue, DynValueBox and DynValueCommon and their
   creation/use by TAO_DynAnyFactory::
     create_dyn_any (), create_dyn_any_from_type_code (),
     create_dyn_any_without_truncation (), create_multiple_dyn_anys ()
     and create_multiple_anys ().

.. Correct the interaction of CORBA::ValueTypes and CORBA::Anys.
     The insertion into an Any of a ValueType base pointer
     used to set the Anys typecode to the fully derived valuetype.
     This allowed the any to be marshaled correctly sending the
     derived typecode and value over the wire. However it also
     stopped the user from extracting the valuetype from the any
     as the typecode for, or the actual pointer type being used for,
     the extraction couldn't match the any's internal two different
     types. The any's typecode is now simply set to match the base
     pointer which allows for the correct insertion/extraction from
     the any, whilst the marshalling code for anys containing
     valuetypes now sends the fully derived typecode of the fully
     derived data it is marshalling instead of the anys embedded
     (possiably base valuetype) typecode.

Changes to CIAO

.. Added support for new ciao config property 
   which controls the mode that is used to load the shared libraries for
   a home or component. By default we use ACE_DEFAULT_SHLIB_MODE

Changes to DAnCE

.. Added support for specify an additional open_mode for each dance
   plugin. This open mode is than passed to ACE_DLL::open.

Bugzilla Issues Fixed

0 MPC bugzilla issue fixed:

0 ACE bugzilla issues fixed:

1 TAO bugzilla issues fixed:
Proposed new Run Length Encoding (RLE) compressor package for TAO

0 CIAO bugzilla issues fixed:

0 DAnCE bugzilla issues fixed:
3/7/2012 10:09:47 AM
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