[ace-users] Re: ACE 5.4.0 won't compile after GCC upgrade (3.3.3 -> 3.4.3)

Hi Tom,

> Well, the definition of "production release" for ACE is a bit murky
> imho.

Please see


for the canonical definition of terms.  If there's something unclear
there please let me know and I'll fixit.

> The developers on this list (almost) always recommend using the
> latest package, which is typically labeled a "beta release".

Right, the reason we do that is because the "latest release" (which is
most commonly a beta release) is the only thing the DOC group
developers "support".

> The latest would be 5.4.4. The developers always recommend *not*
> using the "production release", since the next release labeled
> "beta" is always a bug-fix-only release. So I usually use the x.x.1
> release (the BFO release) but would probably recommend using 5.4.4
> on any platform, as do the developers.

I think you probably know this already, but for the benefit of others
on the mailing list the DOC grou doesn't actually support *anything*
officially for non-sponsors, i.e., our work is all on a "best effort
or no effort at all" basis, as per the explanation in


However, some companies like Riverace, OCI, PrismTech, etc. use our
"official" (i.e., non-beta) releases as the basis for their commercialy
supported releases.  Other companies, e.g, Remedy, have a different
approach, i.e., they provide support for the latest/greatest.

> I'm not familiar with the autoconf build style for ACE. Perhaps
> someone else on-list can address this?

Please see




4/15/2005 4:10:46 AM
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