[ace-users] Re: ACE 5.4.10, STLPORT, GCC 3.3 & SunOS 5.8

Hi Rajesh,

>> 1] I'm using the configure script to create the makefiles.  I don't
>> see any option to specify I would like to use STLPORT instead of
>> libstdc++.  How do I set this?  Of course, I can hack the makefile
>> to add this path, but is this the recommended method or is there a
>> better option?

Chad/J.T., is there some way to do this?

>> If anyone has this working, inputs are greatly appreciated.

>> 2] Does ace internally use STL?

Not very much.

>> I can see some configure options while configuring ace which
>> relates to STL, do I have to set some option to tell ACE not to use
>> STL internally or are ACE STL like functions independent of STL?

Yes, that's the goal.  If you run into problems please use the PRF and
let us know.


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