ACE+TAO+CIAO - 5.4.4 + 1.4.4 + 0.4.4 released


We are happy to announce a new beta of ACE-5.4.4, TAO-1.4.4 and
CIAO-0.4.4.  This beta provides improved support for VxWorks 5.5.1 using
static libraries and fixes a number of important bugs reported by our
users.  Thanks to all our users for reporting these issues.

As usual the latest release is available at:


The doxygen documentation for the beta will be updated in the next few

We highly encourage you to download the present beta and use it with
your applications and let us know if there are any problems. As always,
please use the:


so that we have the version/platform/compiler/options you're using to
report problems. We would also request that you take a look at


for the status of various ongoing projects at the doc groups of WashU,
UCI, and Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO forward.

The overall succeeded test results gathered from all our daily builds is 97%
for the ACE tests and 92% for the TAO tests.

In addition the following is a list of noteworthy changes since the last
beta.  Please refer to the ChangeLog for more details on the problem and
the nature of fixes applied.

Changes common to ACE+TAO+CIAO

.. Removed MPC code that creates unused and unnecessary subfolders in
  Visual Studio projects and makefiles.

.. Moved all GUI reactors to new libraries that just contain a specific

.. Better support for Studio 9 and g++ 3.4 on Solaris 10

Changes to ACE

.. ACE depends now on ANSI C++ casts.

.. The ace-config script has been replaced by pkg-config metadata files
  which are installed in ${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig by the automake build.

.. Remove ACE_OS::gets() implementation.  While this ACE implementation
  of gets() did not contain the security holes that all standard gets()
  implementations have, keeping it around only serves to foster
  confusion since (1) some may incorrectly assume that this ACE-specific
  gets() implementation has the same holes as standard ones, and (2)
  invoking it with a default size argument so that it looks like a
  standard gets() call results in behavior that is different from the
  standard.  Use ACE_OS::fgets() instead.

.. Removed ACE_Unbounded_Set_Ex, this gave the false idea that it had
  thread safe iterators. Use ACE_Unbounded_Set instead

.. Improved VxWorks support for static libraries. Shared libraries do
  cause several known problems which will be fixed in the x.4.5 release.

.. Some improvements in autoconf support; better detection of available
  OS and compiler features.  Please test out autoconf on as many
  platforms as you can and let us know what remains to be fixed.

.. Fixed bugs in ACE TSS emulation

Changes to TAO

.. TAO depends now on ANSI C++ casts but the TAO core libraries do partly use
  the ACE cast macros. Those will be updated before the x.4.5 release.

.. Reimplemented the way that TAO_Transport deals with GIOP headers.  In
  some cases partial GIOP message headers were read and used as if a full
  GIOP header were received. [Bug 1681]

.. GIOP fragment handling has changed where a single large allocation and
  copy occurs at the end of a fragment chain instead of an allocation and
  copy for every fragment received.

.. The tao-config script has been replaced by pkg-config metadata files
  which are installed in ${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig by the automake build.

.. SHMIOP respects now the dotted decimal addresses setting. When this is
  set it uses ip addresses instead of hostnames.

.. Fixed unclosed temporary file created by the IDL compiler on platforms
  that lack mkstemp. [BUGID:2026]

.. Fixed IDL compiler bug related to handling null object references in a
  sequence. [BUGID:2027]

.. Made behavior when marshaling null value of an abstract interface similar
  to the behavior of CORBA::Object.

.. Made use of 'true' and 'false' with CORBA::Boolean more consistent in TAO
  source code and generated code.

.. Fixed bug in code generation for typedefs of IDL arrays that are not
  declared at global scope or in a module (i.e., in an interface,
  valuetype, eventtype or home).

.. Fixed bug in code generation of parent operations in AMI ReplyHandler

.. Changed remaining instances of C-style casts in generated code to the
  appropriate C++-style cast.

.. Fixed typo in code generation of bounded sequences of CORBA::Object.

.. Fixed bug in code generation for attributes which are unaliased bounded

.. Changed implementation of TAO::Unknown_IDL_Type (a subclass of
  TAO::Any_Impl used when an Any is first decoded from the wire or
  created from a Dynamic Any) to contain its value in a TAO_InputCDR
  stream rather than an ACE_Message_Block*, thus cleaning up alignment
  and memory management code related to this type.

.. Fixed a deadlock that occurred when daemonizing an ORB process
  via "-ORBDaemon"

.. Better support for Cygwin

Changes to CIAO

.. Minor bugfixes.

Known Issues

.. LoadBalancing on windows - the LoadManager is not using the correct
  default reactor type on windows.  It tries to use the tp reactor which
  does not implement signal handling.  It should use WFMO reactor.

.. Notification Service - does not currently work on HPUX.  there is an
  issue with starting the worker threads with priorities.

.. The Proactor tests fail on most non-Windows platforms.

Bugzilla Bug Fixes
2031, 2038, 2036, 2033, 2027, 2026, 1951, 1465, 2020, 2015

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