Re: [ace-users] Problem with ACE-5.4.2 #2


> I was using GNU tar 1.13; that is causing problems extracting the 
> ACE source distribution. Switching to version 1.14 fixed some problems
> : now the directory tree appears to be correct. I'm still getting old 
> dates for extracted files and directories; that shouldn't affect 
> compilation.

That is mystery to me. More mysterious is the fact that only certain
files and directories have 1970. Some of them have 1999 and 2000. 
I am completely stumped. :(!

> I downloaded "ACE+TAO.tar.gz" and "ACE-5.4.2+TAO-1.4.2.tar.gz" from 
> the ACE distrbution directory http://deuce.doc.wustl.edu/old_distribution. 
> These are identical files, according to cmp. So I don't 
> understand what you mean here that "We only supported autoconf for 
> ACE with x.4.2.". But this shouldn't be a problem for me since I 
> intend to use the make files in the distrbution.

When we released x.4.2, autoconf support was available only for ACE. 
TAO and CIAO were not completely supported. Therefore we bundle
autoconf only with ACE distribution, i.e., with ACE.tar.gz, ACE.tar.bz2
etc. Does this make sense? Probably for the next beta TAO would have 
autoconf support. 


8/13/2004 11:53:43 PM
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