Re: [ace-users] Re: [ace] compile error in mingw 3.2-rc1 (or w32api-3.2) #2


> oh. sorry. I just use ACE at studying. so I don't interested in
> commercial support. (bad english. sorry. -_-)

No problem with the English. Good that you are looking at ACE, it is very
powerful, only the bad thing is you are using a new MinGW version that cause

> furthermore, I found cause about this error. it's placed in new
> w32api's sys/stat.h. it define lstat as stat, so this make all
> "lstat"s in ACE sources replace "stat". -_-a
> I tryed two modification (sorry for handy patch..)
>  1. ace/config-win32-mingw.h, line 85 : insert below code
>       #define ACE_LACKS_LSTAT

That is not a nice solution.

>  2. ace/os_include/sys/os_stat.h, line 44 : insert below code
> #if defined (__MINGW__) && (__MINGW32_MAJOR_VERSION >= 3) &&
> 	#undef lstat
> 	#undef _lstat
> #endif
> it's okey. except ace/Name_Space.cpp, all code is compiled
> successfully. ^_^ check this please.

Ok. This should do the trick. But I have taken first another step, I have
send an e-mail to the MinGW users mailing list to ask if the MinGW people
can change this. They should make a normal function for lstat and handle the
redirection to stat internally. Until the time being, you can use the
workaround. What is the problem in ace/Name_Space.cpp? 


1/10/2005 8:40:59 PM
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