Re: [tao-users] ACE 5.3.5 + TAO 1.3.5 + CIAO 0.3.5 beta released #2

Hi Tom,

> We are currently arm-wrestling with TAO-1.3.3 on VxWorks-5.5/Tornado-2.2 
> built with non-native exceptions and with implicit templates. Implicit 
> templates are desirable since we are now using STL and those nested 
> templates make explicit instantiation almost impossible. Non-native 
> exceptions are important since native exceptions lead to a factor of 4.5 
> increase in code size (!!).
> Implicit templates cause trouble with singletons, since the VxWorks-2.x 
> loader does not respect weakly-defined symbols, so one can not load 
> multiple modules which reference the same templated singleton. Our 
> workaround involves using RTTI and implementing a "singleton registry" 
> to enable proper singleton behavior. This strategy works for our 
> production code based on TAO-1.2.1, and hopefully we'll finish off our 
> move to TAO-1.3.3 sometime soon.
> I've mentioned this on-list once or twice, and had positive feedback on 
> incorporating fixes or changes to move working code into the TAO tree. 
> We haven't until recently had time to consider moving away from 
> TAO-1.2.1, so patches would not have helped. I'd like to post (working) 
> patches to the list for feedback, and I'd like to do this in time for 
> consideration to move this code into the next TAO release if deemed 
> appropriate. Either way we should have something to contribute to our 
> VxWorks bretheren. If there are other VxWorks folks who would like to 
> try things out I'm happy to roll something out early.

If you can help get the upcoming TAO 1.4 release working with VxWorks
that would be GREAT!!!!  



schmidt7304 (285)
10/25/2003 3:15:35 PM
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