Mouse changes when Tab label is Text[] vs normal text. Why?

Hello experts;

This is not a big deal thing for me, I just was curios on what this behavior 
occur more than anything.

If you enter the following command:

TabView[{"1" -> 1, Style["2", FontSize -> 16] -> 2}]

and then move the mouse over the Tab with '2' on it, and notice the mouse 
shape, you'll see it stays an arrow shape (standard on windoz).

Now if you enter this command instead:

TabView[{"1" -> 1, Text[Style["2", FontSize -> 16]] -> 2}]

and do the same, you'll notice that the mouse, when it is over the '2' tab, 
changes its shape. Even though one can still 'click' on the tab, which is 
somewhat not standard I would think.

I was just really wondering why the mouse changed its shape when the text is 
printed using the Text[] command?


9/2/2007 6:50:58 AM
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