parametric and analytical geometry

hi all,

i am an architect and a newbie too mathematica. i wish to build a program
related to parametric  geometrical design (2 dimensional floor plans) and
parametric geometrical optimization.

a few questions pops up and will just write them randomly as i think of
1. is there a way to draw vectors in mathematica the way we draw in
autocad--meaning by more intuitive freehand mouse and visually drawing it
instead of inputting formulas and nos. and rules? say, i want a quick
drawing of a house, it's more intuitive to draw vector lines using mouse.

2. how do i export vector drawings into mathematica from Autocad( dwg or
dxf) ?

3. how do i measure areas and lengths of segments or radius of curves of
the elements of the imported vector drawings?

4. If i don't import the file/drawing,  can mathematica "read" Autocad

5. as mentioned,  I'm a newbie to mathematica and thought i should embark
on this project by improving my proficiency in analytical geometry first as
a starting point.

I wish to use mathematica to learn and self-study about analytical
geometry, is this possible and if so,  can mathematica "Teach" me?

any other suggestions as on how best to approach my 'project goals' are
welcome and thanks in advance for your assistance!


5/8/2014 8:08:38 AM
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