Re: Cirlce in 3D?

c33 returns the center of a circle thru 3 points in 3 dimensions.

c33[{p1_,p2_,p3_}] := With[{q1 = p1-p3, q2 = p2-p3, q3 = p1-p2},
p3 + ((q2.q2)*(q3.q1)*q1 - (q1.q1)*(q3.q2)*q2)/(2 #.# & @ Cross[q1,q2])]

c33 is a closed-form version of c3n, which returns 
the center of a circle thru 3 points in n dimensions.

c3n[{p1_,p2_,p3_}] := Block[{q1 = p1-p3, q2 = p2-p3, c,w1,w2},
c = w1*q1 + w2*q2; p3 + c /. Flatten@Solve[
{c.c == #.#&[q1-c], c.c == #.#&[q2-c]},{w1,w2}]]

----- Ste[hen Gray <stevebg@roadrunner.com> wrote:
> I'm looking for a neat formula to find the center of a circle in 3D 
> through 3 points. I also need a good way to display it, preferably 
> thickened so I can show several and see whether they are linked, etc. To 
> my surprise I did not find anything on the Wolfram sites about these 
> problems. (I have Mathematica 7, if that matters.)

5/13/2014 2:27:33 AM
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Hi Fiz, > > Here is the function > > w=exp(-2(x^2+y^2/r0^2))*exp(-2(z^2/z0^2)) > > r0=1.4 and z0=1.4 The function is Exp, not exp, and it needs square brackets not parentheses. r0 = 1.4; z0 = 1.4; w = Exp[(-2(x^2 + y^2/r0^2))]*Exp[(-2(z^2/z0^2))] // FullSimplify The function you're after is ContourPlot3D, and you use it like Needs["Graphics`ContourPlot3D`"] ContourPlot3D[w, {x, -1, 1}, {y, -1, 1}, {z, -1, 1}, Contours -> {.75}, \ PlotRange -> All, Axes -> True, BoxRatios -> {1, 1, 1}]; This produces "something",...

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In this particular case we can parametrize the contour surfaces. Looking for the constant values surface, we obtain a simplification to ellipsoids. Exp[-2*(x^2 + y^2/r0^2)]*Exp[-2*(z^2/z0^2)] == c Simplify[%] % /. x^2 + y^2/r0^2 + z^2/z0^2 -> k2 Solve[%, k2][[2,1]] krule = % /. k2 -> k^2 Write the equation for the constant value ellipsoid in terms of contour value c. x^2 + y^2/r0^2 + z^2/z0^2 == k^2 % /. krule (Distribute[#1/(-Log[c]/2)] & ) /@ % Standard parametrization of an ellipsoid (from Alfred Gray, Modern Differential Geometry).... ellipsoid[a_, b_, c_...

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I must agree about the debugger. I was very excited by the release of Workbench 1.0 because of the promise of a good debugger. I even took a course on it. The reality is that Workbench is so hard to use ( I can't bring in my old code and debug changes- it just doesn't work) that I never use it. So I'm back to using Print statements again. I love Mathematica but would love to have an easy to use debugger with break points, etc. Oh well. Cliff Nasser Abbasi <nma@12000.org> wrote: "Murray Eisenberg" wrote in message news:fdf236$20u$1@smc.vnet.net... &...

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I know this option. But say, if I can't convert my data (list of points in 3D) as array of height values, then can I plot my data of list of points in 3D directly as we plot in case of a function? Ananya. On Tue, 13 Apr 2004, Tomas Garza wrote: > There are some fine points regarding the nature of the points you want to > plot in 3D. First, have a close look at the definition of ListPlot3D (in the > on-line help browser, e.g.). Notice that the argument you must provide is an > array of height values, not a list of points in 3D. So, for example > > ...

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On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 01:00:12 -0500 (EST), J=E1nos wrote: > > > On Feb 13, 2008, at 4:04 AM, David Park wrote: > >> But be aware that if you are buying a new computer, from Dell at >> least, and >> you specify a 64 bit microprocessor, you will not necessarily get a >> 64 bit >> operating system, and may not even be able to install a 64-bit >> operating >> system. So if you are looking to use 64-bit Mathematica check out very >> carefully before purchase that you will indeed have a 64-bit operating >> system. >>...

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