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>I'm new on using this powerful software, so I don't understand a
>thing. I ask for help here.
>I'm doing a nonlinear fit, I reached to get the parameters. Later,
>I closed and opened my saved file.nb, than when I performed the
>evaluation of cells I obtain no results, but simply a rewrite of
>the command NonlinearFit, with all the data and its arguments. Why

The answer is almost certain to be you did not include the command to load the Statistics`NonlinearFit` package in the notebook you saved or did not execute the command to load the package before evaluating the cell with the call to NonlinearFit. Look to see that you have one of the following in the saved notebook


When you know you are going to be working with a given package it is a good idea to have the Needs or Get function be the first executablble cell in the notebook

BTW, there is very little advantage to using NonlinearFit over the built in function FindFit.

>It seems that it won't work, there is an error with the
>packages? I have loaded with Statistical'NonlinearFit' (using the
>right apices pasting from the helpbrowser)

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