Re: Mac OS X 10.5 - Mathematica 5.1 hangs - 6.0 works?

On 11/12/07 at 5:12 AM,
marc.heusser@byeheusser.commercialspammers.invalid (Marc Heusser)

>I have Mathematica 5.1. After the upgrade of Mac OS X to 10.5
>(Leopard) it seems to hang forever when I start it, using 95%+ of
>CPU time.

>Is it not compatible?

I don't know how whether version 5.1 is compatible with 10.5

>And is version 6.0 compatible?

It appears to be. That is, I've not had any problems running
version 6 under 10.5. I have noticed the launch time does seem
to be a bit slower. But not enough to be considered a problem.
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