Re: mathematica 6.0.3 and mac os x 10.5.5 crashes?

On 9/22/08 at 5:28 AM, mitch@lemma.ca (Mitch Murphy) wrote:

>has anyone else being having frequent crashes with mathematica 6.0.3
>and mac os x 10.5.5?

I am using version 6.03 of Mathematica on my G4 PowerBook with
10.5.5 without seeing any crashes.

>i've also been getting a lot of spinning color wheels of death?

I am not seeing this.

>i really hope wolfram people are getting crash reports from apple.

I doubt this happens. If the crash forces a reboot and the
dialog that sends a crash report to Apple comes up, I am fairly
certain Wolfram doesn't get these.

>is 6.0.3 the most recent mac os x version?

That is the most recent version of Mathematica for the Mac.

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