Re: Re: Re: Do Mathematica applications EVER get updated?

atul wrote:
> I'm not entirely sure what prompts your anxiety, as I have used several
> packages over the years, including Time Series, Wavelet Explorer and
> Mathematica Link for Excel. While some functions (from both Time 
> Series and
> Mathematica Link) were incorporated into the kernel over time, updates to
> ensure compatibility with new versions of Mathematica were timely and 
> unobtrusive.
This has not been the case for me and I subscribe to "Premier Service". 
I must always ask (usually more than
once) for updates to the "Mechanical Systems" and "Time Series" 
packages. I have tried to get some help with
what I believe to be "bugs" in the "Time Series" package and have 
received NO HELP from the developers of
the package (My first request for help was well over a year ago).
> When I had problems with the initial installation of Mathematica Link for
> Excel, I was able to interact directly with the developer
Not the case for me --- for several of the packages that I have purchased!
The best source of help for me is this very active MathGroup which has 
so many Mathematica experts (e.g.  Andrzej Kozlowski) that donate their
time to help the non-experts like myself.

--V. Stokes

5/14/2006 7:10:51 AM
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