a very simple model of neural net in neural toolbox - how to start ? #2

hey people,

i'm very new to 'neural toolbox' in matlab. i must learn 
something. i've got some data from 2 sets of experiments 
with some bio-mass tank. the task is to put datas into 
"pre" neural network to see if it can train or create 

i've got INPUTS of tank:

-one vector of 40 elements [a b c ...] (it's volume of air 
needed in combustion process)
-one vector of 1 element [x] (it's a weight in kilos of 

'ive got OUTPUTS of tank:

-two not-similar vectors of 40 elements [A B C...] (one is 
temperature of fumes, other is heat energy produced)

my very simple question is:

HOW to mount any very simple neural net from this datas ? 

and then observe simulations ?
3/20/2008 5:55:11 AM
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