call to matlab function from matlab GUI stalls

I have the following problem. I have created a simple Matlab GUI (for
our purposes it can just be considered a Matlab function) which
gathers some parameters and then invokes a perl script that in turn
calls other perl and Matlab scripts to perform various calculations.
If instead of using the Matlab GUI, I run the perl command from the
unix prompt, the flow runs and concludes correctly.
BUT if I invoke the flow from the Matlab GUI (function), then it runs
correctly by calling various other perl and Matlab scripts, but then
when it reaches the third Matlab function call, it consistently
stalls. This is peculiar, because as I mentioned two other calls to
MAtlab functions perform correctly before getting to that problematic
call. When I kill the process tree through my GUI window, then it
shows that the offending Matlab function actually starts calculating
before it is itself killed. It looks as if for some reason, some
other process in this tree prevents the call from running, and when
that process is killed,the call runs for a very short time until it
is terminated by my kill function.
Furthermore, when I have killed the flow and then run the call to
that Matlab function manually from the unix prompt, it runs correctly
(that was to be expected, since the whole flow runs correctly from
the Unix prompt).
Any ideas? I have been looking at this for days and made no progress.
sdv30 (3)
8/29/2004 6:47:43 PM
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