change matlab workspace font size and editor font size

dear all
I wish to change the workspace font size and the editor font size. How do I do it?
Thanks in advance,
4/3/2008 12:20:50 PM
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I have the suggestion in another question posted earlier.
4/3/2008 12:38:35 PM
"langtran" <lang.tran@iom-world.org> wrote in message 
> dear all
> I wish to change the workspace font size and the editor font size. How do 
> I do it?
> Thanks in advance,

Open the Preference window using the Preferences menu item on the File menu. 
There is a Fonts item in the Preferences that will let you customize the 
fonts used in each of the Desktop tools.  If you're using the latest version 
of MATLAB, this page from the online documentation contains images showing 
exactly where those preferences are located.


If you're using an older version, try searching for "font preferences" in 
the Help Browser to bring up the corresponding page with screen shots from 
your version.

Steve Lord

slord (13689)
4/3/2008 4:44:03 PM
12/23/2012 10:27:39 AM

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