changing DICOM info in a DICOM RD (dose file)

Hi all.

I'm trying to modify a DICOM header of a totale radiotherapy plan consisting of:

- DICOM image files
- A DICOM RS file (structures)
- A DICOM RP file (plan)
- A DICOM RD file (dose ditribution)

What I want to do is to change the UID's for the entire plan (all files). This is not a problem for the DICOM images, where I do the following:

info = dicominfo(fname); %Reading dicom info
image = (dicomread(fname)); %Reading image
dicomwrite(t,'newfile',info,'CreateMode','Copy'); %Saving with modified info

But I have some difficulties especially with the DICOM RD file. Dose anyone know how to load this 4-D file, change header indo and save it again?

For the DICOM RS and RP files, I have an empty file using the following code:


To summarize:

* How do I: Open, modify the dicom info, and save a modified copy of the DICOM RD file?

* Is my way of dealing with the DICOM RS and dicom RP files sufficient or do I lose data?
5/6/2009 8:49:01 AM
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