Check Matlab Installation, Poosible java class path problem, java not enabled.

Dear Sir,
I am new to Matlab soft.I had recently installed Matlab 6.0 on my
Xp-Sp2, But i had been getting lot of problems since then. Here are
the problems i had to face:
1>Destop Launch Failed.
2> Possible Java class path problem.

The First prblm i mentioned was solved By solution nos:
1-1A2L7. But since then i had the 2nd problem i mentioned
obove.However I do get the matlab commmand window, but i am unable to
use matlab editor. Also using Version -java commmand give me " Java
not enabled" Msg.
I am having J2sdk1.4.05 version instaled but i am not able to use it
with matlab. Also using nojvm in the command window gives me
:Undefined function or variable 'nojvm'.

plz help me in assocating Jvm with Matlab
i did try the below instructions:
For Windows NT/2000/XP:
1) Click on Settings in the Start Menu
2) Choose Control Panel
3) Double click on System
4) Choose "Environment Variable" (on the Advanced Tab).
In here you can set the MATLAB_JAVA environment variable to the path
of your JVM.

But i coulnt solve the prblm.
Is there any way i could set Java environment(jdk1.4.xxx) to
MATLAB_JAVA environment variable so that at command prompt when i use
the "Version -java" command i will be able to get the corect version.
 plz do help
tnx in advance.
8/3/2005 5:23:01 PM
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