Dear Mikem,
I'm very interested in DVBT blocks you built. But I found some
difficulties in manipulating the parameters. Is there any compleete
sfunction scripts, mfile, cfile, or any other information I can get
and manipulate? Especially for these blocks:
-QAM mapper
-Channel blocks properties for Rician Fading/Rayleigh Fading.
If I want to use Free space path loss from comm blockset\RF
impairments\Freespace path loss in order to measure the losses caused

by distance only, what frequency for DVBT simulation I must use in
the frequency parameter field?
IS 686.11 MHz being the fundamental frequency of DVBT simulation?
Whether true or not, Is the frequency in free space path loss field
have to be the same as the system Frequency (DVBT fundamental
I'll be grateful for your help
Anton Dewantoro
ybanton (11)
3/11/2005 9:18:31 AM
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