From Matlab 6.5 R13 to Matlab 7


Are there major incompatibilities between scripts/functions coded in
Matlab 6.5 R13 and more recent versions (Matlab 7, and service packs)

I'm using Matlab 6.5 R13 with image processing toolbox. I wonder if
it's woth moving to Matlab 7, i.e. if I would have to write my code
again or if everything is compatible. When Matlab 7 was released I
heard some functions have been rearranged, and some R13 scripts
didn't work. Is there a list somewhere of such incompatibilities ?

Sorry if this question has been asked, I couldn't find it on these
boards. Also I'm interested in having feedback from Matlab users who
eventually did move from R13 to R14, rather than an official listing
of new features in R14...

Thanks in advance
8/25/2005 8:01:37 AM
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