How can I fill additional region with color on the colored map

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I use surfm with caxis [a b] and additionally should fill a certain region
on the map with the certain color. I can do it with help of functions fillm,
patchm, patchesm etc. These functions require as the arguments of the vector
of the apexes of the polygons, but I have only array of data grid. I can
calculate the vector of the apexes with help of  C = contourm(Z,R) . But in
C values there isn't NaN values, which are necessary for function fillm for
limiting the subregions. The simple version of substitution in data grid NaN
values out of the region and the repeated use surfm does not approach -
spoils initial colormap. I assume this sufficiently standard situation (in
other products layers are used). Cannot someone help?

Thanks in advance.

Reply bsstrukov (1) 4/14/2006 12:14:35 PM

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