how to create a customized legend

Hi all,

I come up with a quite interesting problem:
 I have a figure with lots of plots in it. At the end of the script
I'd like to create a customized legend.
Somebody knows how to tell matlab for example:
my green line is 'model1', red dots, 'model2' and blue triangles
'model3'? And furthermore there are overlapped many other plots.
I cannot legend it after the plots since there are lot of loops and I
can't do that. I just try to come up with a practical solution about
how to construct a legend after had run a script.

I found the following instruction:
[LEGH,OBJH,OUTH,OUTM] = LEGEND(...), where I think it may be the key,
but so far I couldn't handle it.

Any helpful idea?

thanks a lot.
11/8/2004 4:23:50 PM
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