how to provide ANFIS training data matrices from simulink model #2

i am supposed to design a nonlinear estimator to estimate the stator resistance variations of an electrical motor. consequently, i m trying to use an ANFIS model to fullfill it. these Anfis model has 4 inputs and 1 output(Stator resistance) and the resistance variation gonna be applied to the simulink model of the electrical motor by a function like ramp or step. so my problem is about obtaining the training data from my controlled electrical motor simulink model. to clarify more, i have 3 problems:
1- how to get the training data matrices(vector) in the shape of ANFIS model training data matrices.(which consists N coloumns: N-1 coloumns for inputs and 1 last column for output)because i just know how to send each signal to a .mat file as singular matrics while i need all the four inputs vectors and 1 output vector make one single matrices to be used for training of the ANFIS.
2- how i can apply a variable function like triangular wave to stator resistance of the predefined simulink model of that electrical machine, as it represents its variations.
3- i want the learning to be done both offline and online.
i am looking forward to hear from you guys.any kind of help is appreciated.
9/8/2009 6:03:20 AM
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