how to stop a recording process in matlab GUIDE

i have a problem to stop a recording process...i have set the time for
recording is 30 second long..but i cant stop the process in the middle
of recording...i have create a stop push button which still doesnt work
as it should be....can someone help me plzzz...been to mathwork forum
for this..but there is no reply...so im trying over here...hope to get
the answer right...thanks in advance...

4/21/2006 5:29:34 PM
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Hi Apis

If you use 'wavrecord' as a function for recording process, then you can't stop recording till the specified time has run out. But, if you use 'audiorecorder' and 'record', then it is very simple to do what you intend to. See the explanation of these functions in Matlab's Help. The pushbutton would still exist. Post me you reply if it works well for you.
v.milicev (10)
6/23/2006 3:46:58 PM