How to use the rate transition block in simulink?


I am new to Simulink, especially designing discrete, sample-based,
multirate systems.

The simulink manual on the rate transition block states that,
"the Zero-Order Hold block also enables transfer of data between
blocks operating at different rates. However, you should use the Rate
Transition block for this purpose because it is designed specifically
for this purpose, offers a wider range of options, and is easier to

I am sampling a higher (slower) rate data stream at a slower (faster)
rate and would like to know how I can use the rate transition block
to do the job, instead of using the usual zero-order hold block? Or
for that matter, how I can create blocks that operate at different
rates so that I can use the rate transition block to handle multirate
data transfers?

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
wkpaik (57)
6/3/2004 7:02:06 AM
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