I would like to know if my MATLAB 7.2 R2006a is of 32-bit or 64 bit version?

I have 2 questions that I could not find it from mathworks.com. Could
you please help me with the questions? Thank you in advance ^_^

I found something pretty strange when I install MATLAB 7.2 R2006a on
my machine. When I ran setup files then there was a message box said
"You are about to install a 32-bit version of MATLAB. If you would
like to download the 64-bit version of MATLAB for use on this Windows
x64 machine go to the downloads section of the MathWorks Web site
I'm using Windows XP x64, Pentium Dual Core (EM64T - 64-bit
There are my 3 questions:

(1) Does it mean the MATLAB 7.2 that I was installing is NOT a 64-bit
version of MATLAB but it is actually 32-bit version? (2) At first, I
thought that 32-bit version of MATLAB 7.2 or 64-bit version of MATLAB
7.2 are provided by the same setup file, isn't it?
(3) I could not find the 64-bit version of MATLAB on the website
(mathworks.com/web_downloads) mentioned in the message box at all,
where can I find it?
kittipat (1)
6/4/2006 9:39:51 AM
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