java problems in matlab????


i am not a new matlab user.

recently matlab died on my computer (it wouldn't go past initializing
on startup) and so after many attempts at startup sequence, virus
detection etc. i finally un/ and reinstalled it.

everything seems to work ok except the help browser seems to
sporadically produce java errors reported in the command window:

Failure in browser during Loading phase :

Insufficient memory
	at ice.pilots.html4.Lex2.checkMemory(Lex2.java:308)
	at ice.dombase.LexBase.arraycopy(OEAB)
	at ice.dombase.LexBase.parse(OEAB)
	at ice.dombase.LexBase.parse(OEAB)
	at ice.pilots.html4.ThePilot.do_parse(ThePilot.java:745)
	at ice.pilots.html4.ThePilot.parse(ThePilot.java:656)
	at ice.storm.StormBase.do_render_content(StormBase.java:1093)
	at ice.storm.Viewport.runAsynchronousLoad(Viewport.java:371)
	at ice.storm.LoadThread.run(LoadThread.java:52)


I remember once in a java class when doing large recursion there was
a path variable or something that could be adjusted to correct the
JVM out of memory problem - is this the same?

I also get (in the help browser) a page not found error...

any help here greatly appreciated because i am dumbfounded and now it
seems my matlab has died again.

I am using a Dell Inspiron 8500, 2.4GHz P4, 2GB RAM, 100GB HD, WinXP
Home(80GB), SlackWare(20GB)

phargrave (1)
10/27/2006 4:14:22 AM
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