managing data in a MATLAB GUI

Pardon my stupidity fellow programmers, but it turns 
out I am not among your elite (nor even close to the 
novices). I'm trying to create a GUI (using GUIDE, 
of course, given my own ineptitude) which can import 
data from an excel spreadsheet and use the data within 
the GUI to plot the points which are represented within 
the spreadsheet as well as perform a simple calculation 
(counting the number of columns). My problem is that 
I do not know how to manage data within the GUI itself. 
Basically, I want the user to be able to import data 
using the file menu (line 89 of the m-file, under the 
"file_import_Callback"), the data being a spreadsheet 
representing the three coordinates (x,y,z for columns 
1,2,3 of the spreadsheet, respectively) of n points 
(where n corresponds to the number of rows in the spreadsheet); 
I have attached a sample spreadsheet called "test.xls" 
which demonstrates this. Basically, I need a way to 
assign this as a variable within the GUI (using the 
handles string somehow, presumably, though this is 
what I am having trouble with in particular, due to 
my ineptitude), so that I can use it as an argument 
for the various functions (i.e. plot, calculation of 
the length, and display in the uitable). I'm guessing 
that there should be three variables, one corresponding 
to each column (for both the uitable and the plot of 
the points)? Any help would be greatly appreciated, 
and I will be forever indebted! 

NOTE: Here is a link to the GUI that I have made thusfar which requires assitance:
(scroll down for the file link)
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11/17/2008 10:27:01 PM
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