matlab builder NE: registering COM in 64-bit machies

Hi everybody!

I'm experiencing a problem when using the matlab builder NE toolbox to create a COM object. I create the dll with deploytool and it works well. The dll is registered in the system, and then I can use it from other programs (in my case Delphi 2010). I also tried to export the DLL via the MCRInstaller to other 32-bit machines and it works ok.

However, if I do the same in a 64bit machines when I try to import the type library from delphi it says that the COM object is not correctly registered in the system. It is important that I'm not trying to register the 32-bits DLL into the 64bit machine, but I repeated all the steps by creating a new deploytool project in order to create a new 64bit DLL to use it in 64bit machines. The compilation seems to be OK as in the 32bit case, also the object seems to be correctly registered, but the previous error message appears, as I said, when I try to import the type library from delphi.

Anybody having the same problem? Anybody knowing what can be happen?

4/23/2010 7:42:06 AM
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Did anybody had either positive or negative experiences trying to import a COM object DLL generated with deploytool into a 64bit system?

The problem is still unsolved. Please if anybody was able to do it, just let me know then at least I know is my fault and it is not a bug from Matlab Builder.

12/29/2010 10:29:04 AM