MATLAB Daemon - MATLAB and .NET interop

Is it posible to make a Daemon in MATLAB so that i can access a
shared memory between MATLAB and .NET?
I ask this because every method i've tryied to call MATLAB functions
from .NET are really slow, mostly the call process (because i call
the function about 300.000-1.000.000 times in a small time lapse.
I thought that using a Daemon using shared memory between my .NET app
and MATLAB would make that performance bottleneck almost dissapear.
Any other ideas are really appreciated.

By the way, is it posible to open a socket in MATLAB? That would be
another possible solution, less performant, but still, much better
than calling 1 million times the MCR.

Thanks in advance,
juanchoc (1)
5/10/2007 12:33:35 AM
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