Nested parfor loop: Classification of Matrix inside loop #2


I am having problems with the following loop, since it is taking too much time. Hence, I would like to use parallel processing, specifically parfor function.

Can anyone, please, help me to convert the following 'far' loop into 'parfor'?

P = numel(scaleX); %  quite BIG number
sz = P;
start = 1;
sqrL = 10; %  sqr len
e = 200;
A = false(sz, sz);

parfor m = sz-sqrL/2:(-1)*sqrL:start
    for n = M(m):-sqrL:1
        temp = [scaleX(m), scaleY(m); scaleX(n), scaleY(n)];
        d = pdist(temp, 'euclidean');
        if d < e
            A(m, n) = 1;

Thank you!
4/14/2015 1:17:41 AM
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