Performance Index PI calculated

Dear my Bros.

I had system of 7th order, includes on 7 states. these are
xdot1 = f(x1,x2,...,x7,u1,u2,u3)
xdot2 = f(x1,x2,...,x7,u1,u2,u3)
xdot7 = f(--)

u1,u2 ,u3 are unknowns and must be calculated such that performance
Index be maximizied

PI = integral of function of ( x1,x2,...,x7,u1,u2,u3) dt

as you all know x1,x2,..,x7 are calculated from 0de solver, but the
result is a numerical approximation to the function not continuous
form ,

so how I cam calculate the PI Performance Index

4/10/2006 3:38:06 PM
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