Read Matlab 7 .mat files in Matlab 6.5 -- SOLUTION

Thank you Dan for the suggestion of topic change (from MAT file format
R13 vs R14, Please Read even if you viewed other post).

I have submitted a linux x86 version of the load5 to the File Exchange,
i guess it will take a couple days to get up there.  If you need it
sooner, let me know.  Also, still looking for the Windows versions of
Matlab 6 dll's (libmx.dll, libmex.dll, libmat.dll) plus the .def files
and the mexversion so I can compile in Windows.  If you have these,
please reply so I can set up a way to get them from you.  Below is an
example using the load5 mex function from linux.  My MAT File I/O does
NOT depend on libmat (Matlab's routines for reading/writing MAT files)

                             < M A T L A B >
                 Copyright 1984-2002 The MathWorks, Inc.
                     Version Release 13
                               Jun 18 2002

 To get started, type one of these: helpwin, helpdesk, or demo.
 For product information, visit www.mathworks.com.

>> which load5
>> load5 /home/rhmiller/cluster2/kassper/triserve/terrain/nevada_dem_10.mat
>> whos
 Name      Size                   Bytes  Class

 DEM       1x1                 37334092  struct array

Grand total is 18666729 elements using 37334092 bytes

>> DEM


   SouthmostLatitude: 35
   WestmostLongitude: 242
                dLat: 9.2593e-05
                dLon: 9.2593e-05
       TerrainHeight: [4320x4321 uint16]

>> clear all
>> load5 /home/rhmiller/cluster2/kassper/triserve/terrain/nevada_dem_10.mat
>> load5 /home/rhmiller/cluster2/kassper/triserve/terrain/nevada_dem_10 dLat dLon
>> load5

Usage: load5(filename,'var1','var2',...)

 Loads a Matlab MAT version 5 compatible matlab file

   filename - MAT filename with .mat extension
 Optional Input
   var1     - Name of variable to load
   var#     - Name of variable to load

Error in ==>

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